SENTRY blocks: 100% robo calls, 99% solicitor calls, 100% junk fax. And it is very cool.

For those who really want to get rid of Junk Calls, especially Robo Calls, they will try to find a Call Blocker in the market. Unfortunately, the choices are limited, and the user experience not ideal. The main issue is that most Blockers rely on a Black List system only. This means you have to be bothered by the junk call at least once before you can black list it. It takes for ever collect enough Black List numbers to experience true peace in the house.

SENTRY solves this issue beautifully.

SENTRY's first line of defense is uniquely different, rather 'low tech' but surprisingly effective. SENTRY uses a voice warning message to turn away 100% robo calls and 99% of solicitor calls. These calls don't come in at all. You will not be bothered by the Junk Calls for ever the moment you plug in SENTRY! In the unlikely event that a solicitor insists to come in by pressing 0, then SENTRY's Black List kicks in as the second line of defense.  You can simply put this number into the Black List which will automatically reject the next call.

Why SENTRY works so well? Why 99% solicitors voluntarily hang up and leave?

Imagine your job is telemarketing, you are given a list of 300+ phone numbers to call per day and you only get one positive response out of 100 calls, do you want to 'waste' your time on someone who clearly shows you that he hates telemarketers, or do you want to move on to the next number on the list? 

In case of Robo Calls, those poor robots are not programmed to press 0 to come in, so they get lost in wilderness. SENTRY really serves up its name.

What about your loved ones? How do they get through SENRY? No worries, SENTRY is very friendly to friends and family once it recognize them. First they call, they have to hear the warning message and come in by pressing 0. All you need to do is to put their numbers in the White List, it is the like introducing them to SENTRY, so next time they call, they will be allowed in without questioning. 

SENTRY is my very cool 'Gate Keeper', and it just works.


  • Bernie

    Just hooked the unit, verty easy. Within approx. 1 hour phone rang 8 times. Only one was a WHITE call. I wish I knew about this months ago. Once I saw it on Channel2 News, I went onto Ebay and purchased one.. I have now Pre warned my family and friends what to expect, and they all want to know how it works and will also purchase one. Thank you for letting me have dinner in peace.

  • Robert Pearce

    Robo Calls are also being used by your doctors, hospitals and service people. Make sure of who it is that you block before you put the number on the black list. A missed appointment could cost you money. I missed a repair call because the repair person had blocked the CID on their phone. I blasted his company for the lack of caller ID on their service people’s phones. This becomes a “catch-22” because the company doesn’t want customers calling their repair persons directly. So when you have a repair person coming, turn off CID blocking.

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