• Blocks 100% of all unwanted callers
  • Automatic blocking
  • Keypad for easy white list setup
  • Create your own custom greeting

Caller ID Required.

SENTRY 3: What's new?

- Set up White List in minutes with keypad.

- Create your own greeting.

- Allow unlisted "good callers" to leave a message.

SENTRY 3: New Features



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Works with all land line home phones


Download Sentry v.3 user guide
Download Sentry v.3.1 user guide

How SENTRY works

  • SENTRY is a ‘check point’ to screen all incoming calls.
  • SENTRY's 'check point' has two lines of defense. First is a voice warning message, that tells solicitors to leave, and tell legitimate callers to come in by pressing 0.
  • At this point, 100% robo calls will be stopped, 99% of solicitor callers will leave.
  • The second line of defense is SENTRY's Black List function. You can put any number on SENTRY's caller id list to the Black List.
  • In reality, the first line of defense is so effective, you rarely need to add a number to the Black List.
  • For the legitimate callers, SENTRY lets you create a White List. Callers on White List will be allowed in without hearing the warning message.
  • If the caller is on White List, SENTRY allows the caller to come in without asking.
  • If the caller is not on White List, SENTRY will ask all telemarketers/solicitors to hang up, and will tell ‘legitimate’ callers to press 0 to come in.
  • Put a caller to White List is easy. Just find the number on caller id list and press ACCEPT.
  • The first line of defense is so effective that you rarely have to use Black List to block off persistent offenders, if any. No robo calls can penetrate SENTRY.

Tips to best use SENTRY

  • Create White List. Your loved ones will pass through SENTRY without ‘checks’.
  • When used as a junk fax blocker, it blocks all faxes that are not on White List. Set SENTRY to ‘OFF’ (press VOICE button) when you anticipate a fax that is not on White List. Put that number to the White List after receiving the fax.