Our Story

There's nothing worse than than uninvited spam phone calls. They interrupt your work, your sleep, and your family time. 

As I searched for a solution, I quickly found that all the existing "call blocking" products on the market failed to solve the problem. They were all complicated to use and worst of all, we'd still get unwanted phone calls at all hours of the day.

That's when I decided to create the SENTRY to put a stop to telemarketer calls once and for all.

At Tel-Sentry Inc., we've invented an easy-to-use blocker that's 99.9% effective at stopping unwanted calls and more reliable than any product on the market. All you have to do is plug it in.

We've also been working on product development for the past several years and are proud to announce our latest SENTRY 3, with additional features such as custom voice recordings and a keypad for easier setup.

The SENTRY has brought peace and tranquility to thousands of homes across the country. It's so effective that we guarantee you'll be satisfied with the result.

Reclaim peace and put an end to spam calls. You deserve it.


Founder and CEO, Tel-Sentry Inc.