Do I need to set up White List upfront?

Yes. When setting up your SENTRY also be sure to add numbers into your White List. We have a video available on our home page for instructions.

For people not on White List yet, can I receive their calls?

Yes, but they will be asked to go through the same verification anyone who isn't on your White List to go through. They can press 0 and the call will go through. 

Does SENTRY's caller ID show caller names?

SENTRY can only show caller numbers. However, your home phone will show caller id as usual if you use phone line splitter as shown in Option 2

How to delete number from caller ID list.

From your home screen use the up or down buttons to find the number you are looking for. Once you find it press the DELETE button twice to remove it from your caller ID list.

How to delete a number in Black List or White List?

From home screen, go to Black or White List, find the number you want to delete, press “DELETE” button twice to delete.

How does SENTRY block junk faxes?

When SENTRY is on, it only receives faxes from White Listed numbers. It blocks 100% of junk faxes. When you are expecting a incoming fax not on White List, you can turning off SENTRY temporarily. Just tap “Voice” button to see “OFF” on screen. Afterwards, you can add that fax number to your White List, so next time it will come in as usual.

Can I block all calls that show no caller ID?

Yes, on home screen press and hold “REJECT” button for 2 second, you will see BLOCK NO CID on the screen. To cancel, repeat the same procedure.

Do Black List callers hear the warning message?

No, their call is immediately blocked.

Do White List callers hear the warning message?

No, their call is let through.

Does the caller ID screen show caller names?

SENTRY displays caller numbers only. However, You can see CID with names on your home phone like before if you connect SENTRY using options 2 or 3. Option 1 displays CIDs on most AT&T or VTech phones only.

Can I use SENTRY for my business?

Yes, but Black List (Basic) mode only. White List mode is not recommended for business since it stops and checks all unlisted callers. This may be annoying to your customers.

How do I get to Home Screen?

Just press DELETE/HOME once.

How do I set time on Home Screen?

On home screen, press and hold ACCEPT button till the time blinks, use up/down button to choose, press ACCEPT to move to next number, when all done, press HOME to set.