100% of spam calls are blocked (new or repeat)
Fully automatic
White List pre-loading
No need to do anything, SENTRY 2 does it for you
Easy setup, great for seniors

Caller ID Required.

SENTRY 2: What's new?

- Preload "Good" numbers to White List

- Create White List at setup, so you can enjoy automatic blocking right from the start.

- Auto save to White List
When an unlisted caller hears SENTRY’s voice message and presses 0, the caller’s number will be automatically saved to the White List.

- Turn the ring off
Now you can turn SENTRY’s ring off if you need to.

- Screen brightness improved

Why is SENTRY so effective?

SENTRY 2: Preload White List

SENTRY 2: New and Improved


Connect SENTRY

Option 1 - In Line

Works with all land line home phones

Option 2 - Parallel with splitter

Good for all phones


Download Sentry v.2 user guide


Should I setup the White List first?

Yes. SENTRY 2 allows you to preload numbers to your White List at setup.

Don't like the warning messages?

SENTRY's warning voice is meant for spam callers. Your friends and family will not hear it after they are on your White List. So it is important to preload the "good" numbers to your White List at setup.

Can I receive calls from people not on the White List?

Yes. They will hear the SENTRY's voice and can press "0" to come in. By pressing "0" their number will be automatically saved to the White List.

Do I need to add “1” to phone numbers when creating the White List?

Please check the caller IDs showing on your home phone. If you see CID displaying as “1+10 digit” on your phone, then you need to add “1” to each phone number you put in the White List.

Do I need to reject a Spam call by pressing the REJECT button?

No. You don't need to reject any calls. SENTRY does it for you. Spam calls cannot get past SENTRY's defense.

How do I add a friend's number to White List?

Watch the video here or refer to the User manual.

How to delete a number from the Black or White List.

From the home screen, go to Black or White List, find the number you want to delete, press the “DELETE” button twice to delete.

Can I block all calls that show no CID(Caller ID)?

Yes, on the home screen press and hold the “REJECT” button for 2 seconds, you will see BLOCK NO CID on the screen. To cancel, repeat the same procedure.

Do Black List callers hear the warning message?

No. These calls will be hung up automatically.

Do White List callers hear the warning message?

No. SENTRY will recognize their number and let them in directly.

Does the caller ID screen show caller names?

SENTRY displays caller numbers only. However, You can see CID with names on your home phone as before, if you connect SENTRY using option 2. Option 1 displays CIDs on most AT&T or VTech phones only.

Can I use SENTRY for my business

Yes, but Black List (Basic) mode only. White List mode is not recommended for business since it stops and checks all unlisted callers. This may be annoying to your customers.

How do I get to Home Screen?

Just press DELETE/HOME once.

How do I set time on the Home Screen?

From the home screen, press and hold ACCEPT button until the clock blinks, use the up/down buttons to set clock, press ACCEPT to move to the next number, when all done, press HOME to set.

How to delete a number from caller ID list.

From home screen, press up/down arrow to find the number, then press “DELETE” twice

Trouble Shooting

Due to the complex nature of telecommunication systems and how each is uniquely set up, results may vary. If the problem still persists, contact our technical support. Please have the following information available: Name, order number, type of phone you are using, phone/internet service provider and the type of services ( example: ATT POTS w/ DSL internet), and the description of the problem(s).

No Caller ID on the (a)phone or the (b)Sentry.

-(a) If the phone is connected to Sentry ‘in series’, switch to ‘parallel’ using a phone splitter. -(a)(b) Household with multiple phones connected to a wall jack might have to remove a phone if the ringer equivalence number (REN) exceeds the service providers limit. Usually from 3-5 REN. REN are usually located on the bottom of the base of the telephones. -(a)(b) With DSL internet services, try removing the filter or adding extra filters to the line up (connect the filters back to back).

The screen is blank or dim.

- Press the HOME button and wait 2 seconds, then press and hold UP button for 4-5 seconds and gently tap UP several more times until the the screen reappears with the LCD settings. Choose the setting acceptable to you. This might require several attempts.
-If the screen is still blank or dim, replace batteries.

Callers are not getting to voice mail.

- Only callers on the White List can leave a voice mail. We recommend setting the Sentry to OFF mode when you are expecting an important call or if you are going to be away from the residence.

White List callers are getting the message prompt.

- Check to make sure their numbers are inputted correctly. Once they press “0”, their number should automatically be saved on to the white list.
Pressing “0” does let the caller through.
- Turning the ringer on the Sentry will solve the issue. On the home screen, press and hold DOWN button until the RINGER ON/OFF appears on the screen. Press DOWN to toggle ON/OFF.

My phone has no dial tone; making noises , line in use.

- Unplug the wires and remove the batteries. Wait 3 minutes and reconnect the wires and re-install the batteries. Make sure the wires are correctly connected.
- Switch connections, from series to parallel or vice versa.
- With DSL internet services, try removing the filter or adding extra filters to the line up (connect the filters back to back).
- If you are using a phone less than REN .3, connecting a phone with a REN .8 or higher will fix this issue.

Buttons freezing.

- Unplug the wires and remove the batteries. Wait 3 minutes and reconnect the wires and re-install the batteries.
- With DSL internet services, try removing the filter or adding extra filters to the line up (connect the filters back to back).

How SENTRY works

  • SENTRY is a ‘check point’ to screen all incoming calls.
  • SENTRY's 'check point' has two lines of defense. First is a voice warning message, that tells solicitors to leave, and tell legitimate callers to come in by pressing 0.
  • At this point, 100% robo calls will be stopped, 99% of solicitor callers will leave.
  • The second line of defense is SENTRY's Black List function. You can put any number on SENTRY's caller id list to the Black List.
  • In reality, the first line of defense is so effective, you rarely need to add a number to the Black List.
  • For the legitimate callers, SENTRY lets you create a White List. Callers on White List will be allowed in without hearing the warning message.
  • If the caller is on White List, SENTRY allows the caller to come in without asking.
  • If the caller is not on White List, SENTRY will ask all telemarketers/solicitors to hang up, and will tell ‘legitimate’ callers to press 0 to come in.
  • Put a caller to White List is easy. Just find the number on caller id list and press ACCEPT.
  • The first line of defense is so effective that you rarely have to use Black List to block off persistent offenders, if any. No robo calls can penetrate SENTRY.

Tips to best use SENTRY

  • Create White List. Your loved ones will pass through SENTRY without ‘checks’.
  • When used as a junk fax blocker, it blocks all faxes that are not on White List. Set SENTRY to ‘OFF’ (press VOICE button) when you anticipate a fax that is not on White List. Put that number to the White List after receiving the fax.