100% of spam calls are blocked (new or repeat)
Fully automatic
White List pre-loading
No need to do anything, SENTRY 2 does it for you
Easy setup, great for seniors

Caller ID Required.


SENTRY 2: What's new?

- Preload "Good" numbers to White List

- Create White List at setup, so you can enjoy automatic blocking right from the start.

- Auto save to White List
When an unlisted caller hears SENTRY’s voice message and presses 0, the caller’s number will be automatically saved to the White List.

- Turn the ring off
Now you can turn SENTRY’s ring off if you need to.

- Screen brightness improved

Why is SENTRY so effective?

SENTRY 2: Preload White List

SENTRY 2: New and Improved



Connect SENTRY

Option 1 - In Line

Option 2 - Parallel with splitter

Good for all phones
Works with all land line home phones


Download Sentry v.2 user guide

    Tips to best use SENTRY

    • Create White List. Your loved ones will pass through SENTRY without ‘checks’.
    • When used as a junk fax blocker, it blocks all faxes that are not on White List. Set SENTRY to ‘OFF’ (press VOICE button) when you anticipate a fax that is not on White List. Put that number to the White List after receiving the fax.