Sentry 2 FAQ

Should I setup the Accept List first?
Yes. SENTRY 2 allows you to preload phone numbers to your Accept List at setup.

Don't like the warning messages?
SENTRY's warning voice is meant for spam callers. Your friends and family will not hear it after they are on your Accept List. So it is important to preload the "good" numbers to your Accept List at setup.

Can I receive calls from people not on the Accept List?
Yes. They will hear the SENTRY's voice and can press "0" to come in. By pressing "0" their number will be automatically saved to the Accept List and ring the Sentry unit.

Do I need to add “1” to phone numbers when creating the Accept List?
Please check the caller IDs showing on the Sentry's display. If you see CID displaying as “1+10 digit”, then you need to add “1” to each phone number you put in the Accept List.

Do I need to reject a Spam call by pressing the REJECT button?
No. You don't need to reject any calls. SENTRY does it for you. Spam calls cannot get past SENTRY's defense.

How do I add a friend's number to Accept List?
Watch the video here or refer to the User manual.

How to delete a number from the Reject or Accept List?
From the home screen, go to Reject or Accept List, find the number you want to delete, press the “DELETE” button twice to delete.

Can I block all calls that show no CID(Caller ID)?
Yes, on the home screen press and hold the “REJECT” button for 2 seconds, you will see BLOCK NO CID on the screen. To cancel, repeat the same procedure.

Do Reject List callers hear the warning message?
No. These calls will be hung up automatically.

Do Accept List callers hear the warning message?
No. SENTRY will recognize their number and let them in directly.

Does the caller ID screen show caller names?
SENTRY displays caller numbers only. However, you can see CID with names on your home phone as before, if you connect SENTRY using option 2. Option 1 displays CIDs on most AT&T or VTech phones only.

Can I use SENTRY for my business?
Yes, but Reject List (Basic) mode only. Accept List mode is not recommended for business since it stops and checks all unlisted callers. This may be annoying to your customers.

How do I get to Home Screen?
Just press DELETE/HOME once.

How do I set time on the Home Screen?
From the home screen, press and hold VOICE button until the month blinks, use the up/down buttons to set clock, press ACCEPT to move to the day. Repeat the steps. Press HOME when done.

How to delete a number from caller ID list?
From home screen, press up/down arrow to find the number, then press “DELETE” twice until DONE appears on the screen.

Does this work with Ooma?
The Sentry Version 2 does work with Ooma.

With the ability to press "0" to be added to the Accept list I assume any scammer who calls can just press "0" to bypass the block?
Yes, there is a possibility that a persistent caller will press “0” to get their call through. When they do, you can add their phone number to the Black List.

How many Accept-listed phone numbers can the unit store?
The Sentry 2 can hold up to 1500 numbers on both the Black and Accept lists.

Does it work with a wireless system?
This question requires some additional information. Please contact our customer support at (714)361-4615 (M-F 9am-1pm Pacific).

Does this also block Skype type calls and international calls?
The Sentry will screen and block all calls with caller id or no caller id.

Does sentry 2 work on a DSL line?
Yes, the Sentry 2 does work with a DSL line.